Advanced Onsite Tools

Immediate pharmacy needs

Your community can greatly benefit from installing an automated management system alongside modern medical carts designed to optimize patient care. We can provide your community with an Omnicell, our state-of-the-art medication cabinet, which gives your staff faster access to medications so that whenever that all-important first dose or emergency medication is needed, it makes available what you need. These systems not only aid in regulatory compliance and security, but also help increase quality of care for your residents through:

  • Faster access to first doses, emergency medications and new medication orders — no need to wait for special deliveries.
  • Better availability of medications for dynamic drug regimens of higher acuity patients.
  • Improved patient care may boost referrals and create a more positive and trusting experience for residents and their families.

Omnicell features & functionality

The Omnicell platforms offer new features and functionality that will allow your community to make an even greater impact on resident safety, efficiency, compliance and security. Some key features include:

  • Safety stock scannable barcode to ensure that the proper medication is dispensed
  • Fingerprint scanning Provides fast yet secure access to the unit for staff
  • Lighted matrix drawer quickly directs the user to the desired location in the cabinet and adjustable bin dividers offer flexibility
  • Locking drawers allows access for one item at a time in the case of controlled substances
  • Data reports enable your staff to spot unusual transactions and view inventory status

Instant delivery eKits

Our advanced in-pharmacy automation offers another level of patient safety, so you can confidently administer the right medication to the right patient at the right time. For those all-important first doses or emergency doses, Omnicell a provides single-dose dispensing system. The system automatically tracks every transaction, helping to identify and track down discrepancies in dispensing.

A long-term investment

Because of the design of the Omnicell, you can take advantage of our modular approach to upgrades. Rather than replacing the entire cabinet, your community can keep current with the latest technology by replacing only the console. And, standard software upgrades are included as part of our industry-leading service program. That’s why Omnicell systems are known for having the lowest long-term cost of ownership — which in turn helps your community contain costs.

Medication on the move

Our modern medication carts are designed to enhance patient care and allow mobile point-of-care service. Our carts offer simple maneuverability and security, and have plenty of capacity to house a variety of medications. You can even choose the drawer configuration that best meets your requirements for highly secure and organized medication control. No matter the need, it’s our goal to help support your community’s medication management.

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